Anabolic Mass Gainer 3kg By Kevin Levrone

Anabolic mass gainer for sale in Pakistan 

LEVRONE ANABOLIC MASS is an exceptional combination of a complex of complete proteins and carbohydrates, supplemented with a number of valuable additives. The supplement has been prepared for people aiming to increase their body mass and develop a muscular physique, especially fans of intensive strength and endurance training. The formula has been enriched with e.g. creatine monohydrate, DAA, HMB, fenugreek extract or taurine, providing multidimensional support in even the most intensive efforts to increase muscle mass and strength. The nutrient, in the form of an easily dissolvable powder, makes it possible to prepare an exceptionally tasty shake, which will help you meet the objectives of your nutrition plan and balanced diet.


What are the advantages of LEVRONE ANABOLIC MASS ingredients?

• A multi-ingredient gainer prepared for everyone who loves uncompromising solutions and doesn’t want to invest in additional half-measures!

• As much as 30 g of wholesome protein per serving – a complex containing as many as 5 different forms of protein with diversified kinetics of digestion and rate of absorption.

• Protein contributes to muscle growth and maintenance and supports healthy bones

• A valuable combination of simple and complex carbohydrates – components which support glycogen resynthesis and proper muscle function, especially after intensive and prolonged exercise

• HMB may prove to be a valuable element of everyday diet in the context of working on lean muscle mass

• Creatine has an effect on increasing physical performance in the case of short-term and intense exercise, and when combined with protein, it can promote muscle mass growth

• Taurine is an amino acid that may prove important in combating oxidative stress

• Fenugreek extract may have valuable benefits for sexual fitness and libido